Astrology progressions and transits

Predictive astrology lesson: transits versus progressions

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Astrological Transits and Progressions by Allen Edwall

If you will find fame, fortune and success, the Sun rising in the progressed chart is a typical indication of rising to fame and fortune in life. Accidents and Danger are indicated by the transits the progressed planets Saturn and Uranus even Neptune can indicate times of trouble and when caution should be used! Customers who bought this product also purchased Life Time Progressions Report. Solar Arc Predictions. Karma and Past Life Report. By watching the movements of the planets through your chart, you can see where house and how planets and aspects the influences of the time are affecting you or asking you to participate.

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What is the quality of energy now and what is being requested of me by the greater whole or by my own inner prompting at this time? Where are my greatest resources and strengths? What is the nature of the resistance that I might feel in being asked to fully live?

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If I fully face that, does it dissolve? The questions here could be endless, but let us be more specific. Although there are many computer programs and excellent tools available that will calculate transits for you, it is really fun and engages you further into the mysteries of astrology if you consider doing it yourself.

An ephemeris will be needed at some point in your studies, and students often invest in one, when they are starting to track the daily movements. Ephemerides are available for long time periods to or in smaller versions that have only the current decade or year.

Whichever you use, it is easy to convert the time to the zone you are living in.

Astrology: Birth Chart Rectification using Transits and Progressions

Any are fine to start with, bearing in mind that as your interest and understanding grow, you may want to look back at key events in your life as well as ahead more than the current year, so the comprehensive ephemeris is eventually well used by a serious student. You will have a tremendous resource for your further study at your fingertips. In any event, once you have the current positions of the planets, you are ready to start seeing your life at this moment through a lens that reveals the majesty of the signs of the zodiac transmitted through the great planetary beings through your own resonating field, the vehicle of your birth chart!

And what a great and profound discovery this proves to be — the specific help and challenges being whispered and roared! To begin, draw the transiting planets on your chart and see where they are falling. What natal houses do the transiting planets fall in? What natal planets are being touched, either directly by conjunction or by other aspect?

What’s the difference between Progressions and Transits?

You can start with the slowest-moving planets, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, and see, first of all, if any of these outer planets are near an angle in your birth chart. Are they about to cross, or have they recently crossed, one of these very sensitive points in your chart? Since some planets have greater moiety than others, does moiety play a part in how an aspect is experienced? Does the natal condition of a planet play an over-riding part in whether, how, and how much we might experience a transit? From what I can gather, Jupiter goes stationary retrograde at 10 Taurus this August which is exactly on my natal Venus.

Jupiter is retrograde in my natal chart. Can I expect the energies of this stationary position to have a noticeable effect? And do you have any clues as to what they might be? Does a person with Mercury Retrograde in the natal chart feel the transiting effect of Mercury Retrograde just like a person with Mercury Direct in his chart would, or would he feel the effects less because he is already used to it? I know that there is about a 5 degree orb given to Lunar eclipses to have any sort of noticeable effect, so I was wondering how to interpret an exact hit, and how long the effect might last? When looking at progressed chart, is it worth looking at the aspect that a progressed point makes to a progressed angle? I will very shortly have my progressed North Node on my progressed MC. I will have Pluto in Capricorn transiting my 7th house of relationships, and at some point, it will exactly oppose my Uranus at 16 Cancer while squaring my Saturn and Neptune at 21 degrees Libra and my Venus at 16 Aries.

Is there any way a marriage could survive this onslaught?

astrology progressions and transits Astrology progressions and transits
astrology progressions and transits Astrology progressions and transits
astrology progressions and transits Astrology progressions and transits
astrology progressions and transits Astrology progressions and transits
astrology progressions and transits Astrology progressions and transits
astrology progressions and transits Astrology progressions and transits

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